Dalton Highway photos

James Dalton Highway, commonly called the Haul Road, Trans Alaska oil pipeline, Alaska. (Patrick J. Endres / AlaskaPhotoGraphics.com)

The Haul Road

The James Dalton Highway, Alaska Route 11, or just Dalton Highway, locally called the Haul Road, connects the North Slope to Fairbanks. It services the Trans Alaska oil pipeline and the oil production facilities at Prudhoe Bay and parallels the pipeline built in the 1970s. There are many beautiful vistas along the roadway, and it crosses the Brook Range mountains at Atigun Pass, the highest roadway pass in the state of Alaska. I’ve driven thousands of miles on this road, and all of the Dalton Highway photos here are available to license as commercial stock photography or fine art prints. Click on the respective images and gallery links for purchase information.

Ice-covered James Dalton Highway (Haul Road) stretches across Alaska’s snow-covered Arctic coastal plains. (Patrick J. Endres / AlaskaPhotoGraphics.com)

James Dalton Highway at the Chandalar Shelf, arctic, Alaska. (Patrick J. Endres / AlaskaPhotoGraphics.com)

Commercial Trucking

Heavy truck traffic often occupies this remote road with gravel and pavement sections. While the State Department of Transportation maintains it, temporary road closures due to rain, snow, and wind are not uncommon. Traveling on this road in the winter requires proper skill, knowledge, and preparation for inclement weather.

Semi-tractor trailer travels the James Dalton Highway (the haul road) with mt Sukakpak rising in the distance. (Patrick J Endres /AlaskaPhotoGraphics.com)

Trucker travels the icy James Dalton Highway, the Haul road, in winter conditions. (Patrick J. Endres / AlaskaPhotoGraphics.com)

Semi tractor hauls supplies along the remote James Dalton Highway, which terminates at the oil fields of Prudhoe Bay in Alaska’s Arctic. (Patrick J. Endres / AlaskaPhotoGraphics.com)

Blowing snow across the James Dalton Highway near Finger Mountain, a notoriously windy area along the “Haul Road” that leads from Fairbanks to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. (Patrick J Endres / AlaskaPhotoGraphics.com)

Avalanch sign in Atigun pass, James Dalton Highway, Arctic, Alaska. (Patrick J Endres / AlaskaPhotoGraphics.com)

Semi-tractor trucks travel the dangerous section of road on the Dalton Highway, or Haul Road, known as the Rollercoaster, a very steep descending hill. (Patrick J. Endres / AlaskaPhotoGraphics.com)