Alaska Landscape photos

Sunset along the shore of Revillagigedo Island, near Ketchikan, southeast Alaska. (Patrick J Endres /

Alaska’s Landscape

Alaska’s landscape is as diverse as it is immense. The dramatic light of summer and winter lends unique and telling imagery. Mountains, rivers, and raw wilderness make the “last frontier” realistic. Vast forested regions, incredible mountain ranges, miles and miles of coastline, bays, fjords, tundra and taiga, and the visceral Arctic plains make a photographer’s dreamland. As a photographer who has spent decades traveling and photographing in all regions of the state, I’m continually amazed by its spellbinding views. All of the Alaska landscape photos here are available to license as stock photography for your commercial needs or to purchase as fine art prints for your home or office.

Mount Blackburn 16390 ft., Wrangell Mountains, Wrangell St. Elias National Park, Alaska. (Patrick J. Endres /

Early snowfall in the boreal forest in the hills surrounding Fairbanks, Alaska. (Patrick J. Endres /

Trumpeter swan swims amidst the morning fog over the calm waters of Wonder Lake at sunrise; Denali looms in the distance, Denali National Park, Alaska. (Patrick J. Endres /

The morning sun rises over the Alaska Range mountains, lighting the crimson dwarf birch tundra, Denali National Park, Interior, Alaska. (Patrick J. Endres /

Mountain pond, Exit Glacier, Harding Ice Field, Kenai Fjords National Park, Kenai Peninsula, southcentral, Alaska. (Patrick J. Endres /

Coastal shore along western Prince William Sound, Chugach National Forest, Alaska. (Patrick J. Endres /

Columbia glacier icebergs, Lupine wildflowers, northern Prince William Sound, southcentral Alaska. (Patrick J. Endres /

Birch and aspen trees, Alaska Range, Interior, Alaska (Patrick J. Endres /

Southside view of Denali and the Chulitna river, North America’s tallest peak at approximately 20,237 ft. (6,168m), Alaska. (Patrick J. Endres /

Clouds over the Coast Mountains and the Mendenhall Glacier, fireweed in full bloom in Brotherhood Park, Juneau, Alaska. (Patrick J Endres /

Exit glacier flows out of the Harding Ice Field, Kenai Fjords National Park, Kenai Mountains, Kenai Peninsula, southcentral Alaska. (Patrick J. Endres /

Morning light falls on the colorful mountain hillsides of Polychrome mountains in Denali National Park, Alaska. (Patrick J. Endres /

Dwarf fireweed and icebergs in Bear Glacier Lagoon, Kenai Fjords National Park, southcentral Alaska. (Patrick J Endres /