Elephant under Jackalberry tree

This bull elephant came strolling through our camp and stopped to feed on the berries from the large Jackalberry tree, which served as shade for our camp in the Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana, Africa. While I’m quite close to this large animal, he showed awareness of my presence, but exhibited little concern judging his body…


Okavango Delta aerial

For those who have explored Africa’s natural history, the location known as the Okavango Delta has likely surfaced. It is a region in northern Botswana infiltrated by water from the highlands of Angola to the northwest. This water, in an otherwise dry landscape, creates a mecca for wildlife, and an infusion of green and color…


Elephants in camp

My blog posts have been sparse recently because I’m traveling in Africa and the internet is very sparse in bush Africa. While camping in the Okavango Delta, this large bull elephant wandered into our camp to eat the fruit that had dropped from a large nearby tree. It offered some close elephant observation during the…


Signs of the times

If you spend any time outside in interior or arctic Alaska this time of year, then this photo needs no explanation. While we humans might not like mosquitoes, the birds sure do. It is one reason they migrate so far to feast on these protein rich little insects and raise their young.

Goodbye winter

Finally, it is time to say goodbye to winter in Alaska’s interior and welcome the warmer weather, even though we have set a record for the latest spring green up in recorded history. Snow is melting quickly and soon some color will fill the landscape. I chose this photo of a bird’s wing prints in…


Respect Alaska

This is not the first time I’ve shared similar pictures, but I’m compelled to put them out there as an exhortation to respect the beautiful Alaska that many of us call home. These pictures are a common sight along the James Dalton Highway, designated one of Alaska’s scenic byways. The highway transects remote areas and the few…


Northern Lights gallery -2013 St. Patrick’s Day

As daylight floods back in Alaska’s north, the dark skies are diminishing quickly. The season for aurora borealis photography is waning, but there could be at least one last good show this weekend, if all of that energy recently blown off the sun actually hits earth. There is currently a middle latitude aurora activity watch in effect,…