How to Photograph the Northern Lights eBook

If you have long dreamed of photographing the northern lights, or have made attempts that you wish were more successful, then this eBook is a must. How to Photograph the Northern Lights is a very well-illustrated, comprehensive 330-page tutorial that will give the necessary information to make your aurora photography venture successful. Two long-time Alaskans and specialists in their fields have teamed up to create this resource.

Two Alaska specialists, photographer Patrick J Endres, and scientist Neal Brown have teamed up to produce this thorough and resourceful book. If learning to photograph the northern lights is on your bucket list, this wonderfully illustrated eBook is a must. It is a comprehensive guide that will equip you with the information necessary to capture your photos of the aurora borealis.

3rd Edition: V3.8 Updated 10/1/2022

330 pages | 150+ photos | 150+ illustrations | English