General Photo Information Websites

  • Digital photography reviews, news, forums, and tutorials by Michael Reichmann
  • A great news, information and forum site for digital shooters.
  • Buy and sell camera gear through free classifieds. Equipment reviews, forums.

Digital Camera and Gear Reviews

Field Gear

  • Gitzo Tripod repair parts. If your tripod legs are sticking and bushings need to be replaced, you can buy a little repair kit from this site.

Buying Equipment

Publishing and Printing

Software Stuff

Camera Tech

Alaska Interest Sites

  • Arctic Getaway Log cabin & breakfast: The perfect little B&B hideout in Wiseman, Alaska, hosted by the warm-hearted Hicker family.
  • Alaska’s finest wilderness glacier and wildlife voyages in Prince William Sound. I highly recommend this trip for those interested in seeing Alaska’s coastal wonders.
  • UAF Aurora Forecast: Forecast of the Northern Lights activity
  • Coyote Air: For bush flights into Alaska’s Arctic