Museum Quality Fine Art Prints

Decorate your home or office space with Fine Art prints on a variety of surface types, depending on your style and presentation preference. All prints are made with archival quality products and will last a lifetime when properly cared for.

Dye Infused Aluminum Metal Prints

By infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum metal sheets, white gloss metal prints take on a magical luminescence, perfect for many installations.

  • Stunningly luminescent
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • Ready to hang, with rubber bumpers and wire hanger

About Metal Prints

ChromaLuxe aluminum metal prints on a high gloss white base create colors that are extraordinarily vibrant, and the depth of the coating gives photos a luminous quality that no paper print can achieve. This process uses special dyes that are printed onto a transfer paper and then infused into a polymer coating on the metal using high pressure and heat. This process is commonly referred to as dye sublimation.

The print integrity will last for generations when displayed indoors and out of direct sunlight. They are printed using the archival sublimation inks. Their archival value is better than the best giclee’s and photographic papers. Accelerated aging tests on metal prints show an archival value of 2 to 4 times the image stability of traditional silver based photo papers.

Three Backing Options

1) Metal Bracket

Metal bracket with sawtooth hanger and bumpers comes ready to hang.

2) Inset Metal Frame

1-5/16 inch deep black metal inset frame with wire ready to hang.

3) 3/8 inch Black Edge

3/8″ black edge flush with metal and inset reinforced frame. (Custom Order)

Print Prices and Shipping

Metal Bracket  Free US Shipping

8 x 12 in. w/metal bracket$92
12 x 18 in. w/metal bracket$172
Metal bracket with bumpers for hanging
Metal bracket with bumpers for hanging

Inset Metal Frame Free US Shipping

SizePriceAK & HI ShippingUS 48 states Shipping
16 x 24 in. w/inset frame$243$26free
20 x 30 in. w/inset frame$336$38free
24 x 36 in. w/inset frame$495$45free
12 x 30 in. pano w/inset frame$336$30free
20 x 50 in. pano w/inset frame$589$51free
Back of metal print with inset frame
Back of metal print with inset frame

3/8 inch Black Edge Frame Free US Shipping

Requires Custom Order (please email me)

SizePriceShipping to AK, HI & Canada
12 x 18 in.$209$30
16 x 24 in.$302$45
20 x 30 in.$434$45
24 x 36 in.$572$35
30 x 45 in.$802$106
40 x 60 in.$1410$165
12 x 36 in.$362$35
20 x 60 in.$759$106
30 x 72 in.$1515$200
Reinforced backing surrounds inset frame.
Reinforced backing surrounds inset frame.

Canvas Gallery Wraps

  • Simple and elegant. Printed on archival quality canvas.
  • Stretched and wrapped around a 1 3/8″ wooden interior frame ready to hang.
Canvas Gallery Wraps
Canvas Gallery Wraps
Canvas is stapled to the wooden frame on the back side.
Canvas is stapled to the wooden frame on the back side.


SizePriceShipping U.S.
12 x 18 in.$160$11-$15
16 x 24 in.$245$11-$15
20 x 30 in.$345$11-$15
24 x 36 in.$450$11-$15
30 x 40 in.*$650$20
40 x 60 in.*$980$30

*Please contact prior to ordering

Paper Surfaces

Prints on paper come in a variety of print surfaces using Kodak Endura Professional Papers. When properly cared for, the prints will last a lifetime. They do not include matting or framing.

  • Luster: A semi-gloss paper with vibrant colors.
  • Glossy: Most vibrant colors with a highly reflective, glossy finish.


SizePriceU.S. Shipping
5 x 7 in.$25$4
8 x 12 in.$45$7
10 x 15 in.$65$7
12 x 18 in.$95$7
16 x 24 in.$175$8
20 x 30 in.$275$8
24 x 36 in.$350$10
30 x 45 in.*$435$10
8 x 24 in. pano$95$6
10 x 30 in. pano$140$6
12 x 36 in. pano$190$6
20 x 60 in. pano$480$6

* please contact prior to order

Please contact me for custom sizes.