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updated 7/2015

Really Right Stuff TVC 33s Series 3 Tripod

Really Right Stuff
TVC 33s Series 3 Tripod

Equipment selection is often a battle between efficiency and necessity. A natural inclination towards a lightweight, simple gear selection can be overshadowed by a need for the precise tool for the job. I’ve included some links to the cameras and gear that I actually use in the field. There are, of course, many options out there. I often shop on because their website is easy and efficient to use and free shipping can result in savings. I also buy directly from and have included links to purchase from them if that is the store of your choice. If you want to support a smaller company, consider, they are a Canon dealer and can often deliver the same products although sometimes shipping fees may increase the price. I also shop for other gear at,

The Really Right Stuff TVC 33s Series 3 tripod is my current and favorite tripod when I need the height. It works in very cold temperatures, which is critical for me. If you are doing work in subzero temps, this tripod is hard to beat, and I’ve tried a bunch. It is expensive.


  • For most of my career I owned Canon’s 1D and 1Ds series cameras, but with the advent of the Canon 5D Mark III, I find sufficiency for what I do in the 5D version. The loss of frame rate is a slight compromise and occasionally something I miss, but most of my work does not require excessive frame rate.
  • Canon 5d Mark IV
    30MP full frame sensor DSLR, lightweight option.


To complement the cameras I use a variety of common and special
purpose lenses, including:

Tripods and Mounts

All of this gear must be securely anchored to prevent vibration and soft photos.

  • Really Right Stuff  TVC-33 Versa Series 3 Tripod: My large carbon fiber tripod. Light but durable and works well in the cold weather conditions. I use the Kirk BH-1 Ballhead with this tripod.
  • For lighter weight gear, I use a smaller Gitzo G1227 carbon fiber tripod with a Kirk BH-3 ballhead.
  • Super lightweight Gitzo Trip: GT0541 carbon fiber-1.7lbs with a Really Right Stuff BH25 Mini Ballhead


  • Canon 600 EXRT flashes
  • Chimera mini soft boxes
  • Canon wireless flash system

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