Whale stock photography


All of the whale pictures are available for purchase as stock photography, or as fine art prints to display in your home or office. The few below have been popular, but there are many more that can be found in the gallery or by doing an whale photo search.

Alaska is home to many species of whales. Perhaps the most common is the Humpback whale, often seen breaching out of the water and landing with a huge splash. Southeast Alaska is a favored destination for whale watchers. The food-rich waters of Alaska’s light filled summers propagates a healthy bio mass of zooplankton, which draws many baleen whales to the area to feed and raise their young. Orcas feed on salmon and other marine mammals along the miles of convoluted shoreline. Read more about Alaska’s whales here.

killer whale fluke whale tail at sunset whale tail whale tail spyhop humpback whale humpback whale humpback whale killer whales