Muskox stock photography


All of the muskox pictures are available for purchase as stock photography, or as fine art prints to display in your home or office. The few below have been popular, but there are many more that can be found in the gallery or by doing a msukox photo search.

Muskox or Muskoxen, are a prehistoric looking animal that thrives in the cold climate of Alaska’s arctic. Know for their famous warm coat, Quviet, is said to have an insulation factor 10 times that of wool. They have changed little since the ice age. They are a herd animal, and in general, are not difficult to approach for photography. The images here are from Alaska’s arctic region in central and western Alaska. Read more about the natural history of muskox.

muskox in snow muskox in summer tundra muskox in snow muskoxen on the sag river muskox with baby calf two baby muskox muskox and brooks range mountains msukox at sunset muskox on winter tundra muskox cross sag river muskox on arctic tundra