Moose stock photography


All of the pictures of moose are available for purchase as stock photography, or as fine art prints to display in your home or office. The few below have been popular, but there are many more that can be found in the gallery or by doing a moose photos search.

For sure, the moose is one of Alaska’s wilderness icons. Although large and ungainly, they are built perfectly for traveling the tundra and taiga landscape. Long legs, a large body, a very large nose, and massive anlters on the bulls make the animal very distinctive. The pictures below consist of moose in various regions throughout the state of Alaska. Many were photographed in Denali National Park. Read more about the natural history of moose.

bull moose in wonder lake bull moose and mt mckinley large bull moose in taiga Bull moose profile Wolf watches cow and calf moose cow moose and twin calves bull moose walks across tundra moose in winter snowstorm bull moose silhouette cow moose fends off wolf attack moose in wonder lake