Brown bear stock photography


All of the brown bear photos are available for purchase as stock photography, or as fine art prints to display in your home or office. The few below have been popular, but there are many more that can be found in the gallery or by doing a brown bear photo search.

Brown bears are differentiated from Grizzly bears mainly by their geographical habitat and subsequent diet, they are technically the same species. Feeding heavily on the protein rich food source of salmon, they tend to be larger than the interior grizzly bears, which consume a mainly vegetarian diet. The photos below were taken in the southwest region of Alaska, predominantly in Katmai National Park. Read more about the natural history of the brown bear.

brown bear sow with triplet cubs at sunrise brown bear male bear in grass brown bear on pathway brown bear runs in river brown bear sow and triplet cubs brown bear cubs brown bear at brooks falls brown bear brown bear brown bear katmai national park brown bear catching salmon