Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Stock Photography


All of the ANWR pictures are available for purchase as stock photography, or as fine art prints to display in your home or office. The few below have been popular, but there are many more that can be found in the gallery or by doing an ANWR photo search.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska is the nation’s largest refuge at just over 19 million acres largely in the Alaska North Slope region. It supports and amazing diversity of wildlife and plant life within the 6 different ecozones that span its north to south range. Eight million of the acres are designated as “Wilderness”. There are no roads to take you to this rugged and isolated region, and therefore most access is by plane or hiking. Many rivers flow out of the Brooks range mountains into the coastal plains area, offering water access to many paddlers, visitors, scientists, and nature enthusiasts.

marsh fork canning river snow drift anwr polar bears davidson mountains, brooks range caribou antlers elegant paintbrush hiking in anwr pink sunset in anwr aerial of wind river polygons grizzly bear in Denali