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Mt. Denali photo gallery

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The Mountain

Mount Denali (formerly Mt. McKinley) is North America’s tallest peak, exceeding 20, 320 feet! It is the dominant feature in the Alaska range mountains and is visible from hundreds of miles away in many directions. Mt Denali offers an abundance of photo opportunities both near and far, with numerous and diverse views of its many faces possible. Changing seasons, light, and scenery offer new possibilities every year.

Mt Denali is among the tallest three mountains in the world from base to peak, significantly greater by this measure and in bulk even than mount Everest.

The Name

Mount Mckinley was officially changed back to Denali, its original native Athabaskan name, meaning “the high one”.

The Summits

Mt Denali has two prominent peaks, visible in the photo at right. The South Summit is the highest, and Mt Mckinley’s North summit (right in photo) has an elevation of 19,470 feet.

Weather on the mountain is extreme. Temperatures of -75.5 degrees F have been recorded, with wind chills well below -100 degrees Farenheight.

Five large glaciers flow from the slopes of Mt Denali. One, The Ruth Glacier, flows to the southeast into the Ruth Amphitheater, where adventurers can stay in the remote Don Sheldon mountain house.

Denali National Park

Mt. Denali resides in Alaska’s 6 million acre Denali National Park in the interior of the state.

Life abounds in the park surrounding Mt. Denali. Hundreds of species of flowering plants as well as mosses, lichens, and fungi cover the ground. Caribou, moose, and grizzly bears roam the land, and smaller rodents and birds occupy the earth and sky.


Mt. Denali towers over Alaskas interior landscape, making it visible from vantage points on all sides, spanning hundreds of miles. The Parks Highway connects Alaska’s two biggest cities, Fairbanks and Anchorage. Along this 350 mile roadway, Mt. Denali is visible from numerous vantage points.

Tourists and residents alike are often treated to a view of Denali on their drive North as they come through Willow, Alaska. The mountain is seldom completely clear, but often glimpses are seen through the clouds.

Denali is sometimes visible from the hills all the way in Eagle River, near Anchorage, and also 350 miles north in Fairbanks.